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Page Settings

To make changes to Page settings, you must select the configuration gear (the large grey gear) and click the Edit link.
NOTE: Site Owners & Administrators can see all fields below. Content Editors can see just some of the options. Basic Members do not have access to the configuration gear.

Adding a Page to the Menu

On the Create Page form, you have multiple options available to you including the ability to add the page to a menu.

Read more about Menus

By selecting the Menu Settings link (you can view this when you edit the page), you can toggle the Provide a menu link box and you'll be able to give the Menu link a title and select which menu you want the page to live in.

Editing Pages

To edit the content of a page:

1.  Hover over the upper right side of the content area you want to edit.
2.  Click on the small grey gear that appears when you mouse over it.  A drop down menu will appear.
3.  Select the Edit Page option.

Adding Inline Images

This document will explain how to place inline images in the body of your page content.

1.  To add an inline image, enter the editor of the page you want to modify.
2.  Click on the "Media Browser" icon () at the top of the text editor box.