Customizing Theme Elements

Please read the Terms of Use PRIOR to attempting to alter a current OpenScholar theme. There is no free support or assistance available. If you need professional theming services, please contact Harvard Web Publishing.

Altering the Styling of a Page Element

1. Find the element that you'd like to change. Example: an H2 tag ("Quick Links")

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 1.39.24 PM.png

2. Use your browsers developer tool panel to inspect the element and find the correct selector

inspect element selector

3. Create an Embed Media Widget and add appropriate code in the Web Tab

4. Add Embed Media Widget to Layout of the page

5. Save Layout

See more example on the ABCD-OpenScholar's Understanding & Customizing Your Theme presentation.

Add Custom CSS Class to Widget Container

Custom CSS classes can be created and applied to the markup of a widget’s outer container. The class names can then be used as selectors in a custom theme. This feature is available in the following widgets:
  • List of Posts
  • List of Files
  • Featured Post
  • Tabs
  • Accordion
  • Embed Media
  • Columns
  • Custom Text/HTML
  • Taxonomy 
  • Random
1. In order to enable the feature, a sites administrator needs to go to the Manage Members screen and apply the feature to a specific role or roles. Creating a custom role (ex.custom themer) and enabling the feature for that role only is recommended. This will limit its availability to people with custom theming abilities. 
css class permissions
2. The custom class name field appears at the bottom of a widget form.

3. Custom class name(s) in the markup
Updated: 17Aug16