Design and Layout

Other Themes

Other Themes in OpenScholar are older themes with limited mobile friendliness. These means that the "Other Themes" may not behave desirably on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.). These theme also do not follow Harvard branding.

Featured Themes are recommended for the best user experience for your site visitors.

Featured Themes

"Featured themes" are newly developed themes that are mobile- friendly and adhere to the Harvard Brand Guidelines (PIN).

As of October 2015, there are 16 Featured themes as well as a One Page Theme that is currently in development.


Accordion Widget

The Accordion Widget can display other widgets added in like a accordion, which means the widgets can be shown or hidden by expanding or shrinking their area.

Add a New Accordion Widget

To create an accordion widget:

Columns Widget

The Columns widget is essentially a layout tool that provides a way to display content within columns on your web page. Similar to the Tabs widget, it displays content from other widgets in an organized way.

Tip: You need to create the content widgets before setting up a columns widget.

Add a Columns Widget

To add a columns widget:

Managing the Look of Your Site

You have enormous control over the look and feel of your site. While more detailed documentation is available on the following points, it's good to get familiarized with some basic concepts.

Your Theme

You'll want to set a "Theme" from a number of choices. Themes provide consistent visual presentation for you site. You may choose from one of many themes included with the Project, or have a custom theme developed for you by an outside designer.

Customizing Your Site Layout

The Layout portion of the Control Panel (under Appearance) allows you to choose what elements should go where. Each app page can be customized individually via the drop down list. For example, you may want to have a widget of a list of your co-authors appear on your publications page, but not on your blog. The Layout section is where you make these choices.

Featured Posts Widget

The Featured Posts widget displays a list of links or short teasers of selected posts. You can choose posts of any content type, arrange them in any order, and configure display options.

Creating a Featured Posts Widget

To add a featured posts widget:

List of Posts Widget

The List of Posts widget displays an automatically generated list of posts from your site.

Add a New List of Posts Widget

To add a list of posts widget:

  1. Go to your Control Panel, click to expand Appearance, and select Layout.
  2. Select the green "Add new widget" tab
  3. Select the List of Posts posts widget

Tabs Widget

The Tabs Widget displays multiple widgets in clickable tabs.

Tabs Widget Example

Example of three widgets that were used to create this Tabs Widget.

 Tabs Widget Example