Embedding Third Party Content

NOTE: We prefer that you add only pre-approved "white listed" content (see full list) to your OpenScholar site. Please follow these instructions to learn how to request a domain whitelist.


You can embed third party content or media, (such as audio, videos, forms, maps, etc.) into your OpenScholar site. To embed content, edit or create a post, then click on the Media Browser icon.

media browser icon

Then click on the Embed from the web tab.


Copy and paste the embed code or URL in the text area.

Embed from the web tab

Click Submit and the content will be embedded into the page.

iframe embed code

You can also use the Embed Media widget to embed third party content.


OpenScholar maintains a list of domains for which content can be embedded from. If you see an “untrusted domain” error message, it could mean that the content you're trying to embed is list in the OpenScholar allowed domain list.

To request that an "untrusted domain get whitelisted" (added to the allowed list), please submit a request on the OpenScholar Community forum with any relevant detail.

Updated: 3Oct16