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OpenScholar is a web creation platform provided by Harvard Web Publishing for the Harvard University community. It provides an easy and efficient way to create and manage a Personal, Project and Department website without having to know any web development code (HTML, etc.). Harvard Affiliates with a Harvard Key and PIN can create an OpenScholar site.

Create Your Site

Select to create a "scholar" site or "group or department type" site.

Creating a Personal Site

Personal sites are for individuals or scholars. 

To create a personal site, go to, click the "Create your site" button, and choose the type of site you want to create. 

Create a Group or Department Type Site

To create a group or department site, go to openscholar.harvard.educlick the "Create a website" button, and choose the type of site you want to create. 


Before you dive into your website project, be sure to plan appropriately and take advantage of resources available:

Project Resources

Support and Training Resources

Who Can Get a Site?

OpenScholar only allows for current Harvard Affiliates to create a site. This includes the following groups:

  • all active students
  • non-temporary employees
  • Smithsonian employees
  • Harvard Management Company employees
  • Board of Overseers members
  • Retirees

Updated: 30Jan17

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