Google Hangout on Air

With Hangouts On Air, you can host and broadcast live discussions and performances to the world through your YouTube channel or Google+ Home page. You can also edit and share a copy of the broadcast.

As a participant, you can join Hangouts On Air from your computer.

Host Hangouts On Air

To broadcast Hangouts On Air, you need the following:

Start or Schedule Hangouts On Air

As a host of a Hangout On Air, you can choose when to start your broadcast and who can join it. 

Adding a Google Hangout Live Event to your Website

To embed a Google Hangout live event to your site:

  1. Click on the Links button on your event homepage and copy the Video Embed Code
    hangouts homepage
  2. Edit the page on your website that you want to embed the event on

  3. In the WYSIWYG click on the Add Media button
    Add media icon

  4. Select the Embed from the Web tab, paste the code into the box, and click Submit
    embed code

  5. Save the page. Tip: You may want to add a few sentences explaining the purpose of the broadcast and any other relevant information.

  6. View Result
    Google Hangout on Air

Join Hangouts On Air

If you're invited to participate in a Hangout On Air, you can join the broadcast in a few different ways:

  • On mobile: From the Hangout On Air video call notification, click the video icon , or click the phone icon  to answer with just a voice call.
  • On desktop: From the Hangout On Air video call notification, click Join video call.

Note: If the person inviting you to the Hangout On Air isn’t in your Google+ circles, the video call notification will be in your list of Hangouts invites. From your Hangouts window, click the menu , and then click Invites.

Visit Google's support site for more information on Hangouts on Air.

Updated: 8Jan16