Page Settings

Publishing Options

You have 3 options under the Publishing options area. You can opt to:

  • Publish/unpublish the page to the site
  • Make the page "Sticky at the top of Lists". Read more about the List View.
  • Prevent the page for appearing in search engine results

Publishing Options

URL Path Settings

The URL path settings is automatically set to generate automatic URL alias based on the title of your page. See example:

Path Settings example 1

You can opt to untoggle the "generate automatic URL alias" checkbox and create your own URL path. See example:

Path setting example 2

Menu Settings

menu settings

You can opt to add your page to one of your menus by selecting the "Provide a menu link" checkbox.

Once the checkbox is selected, you'll have options to:

  • rename the Menu link title
  • provide a page description
  • select which menu to add the page to. Read more about Menus.

Menu setting example 2

Post Created/ Edited By

The Post Created/ Edited by shows:

  • who created the post
  • when the post was created
  • who edited the post since initial creation

post created and edited by information


Please see the Revisions documentation to learn how to best use the revision feature. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) area allows you to add 150 character or less to describe your page.

This helps search engines (like Google) find your website content more easily. Find out more about SEO on OpenScholar.

page level SEO area

Updated: 11May17

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