Content Types

Dataverse Widgets

What is a Dataverse?

Dataverse Network is a virtual archive or organizer of research data. It can contain data sets (called studies) that are uploaded specifically to that Dataverse or that belong to other Dataverses. Data sets can be organized by collections and sub-collections. In addition to uploading studies and setting up collections, if you are the Dataverse owner (administrator) you can customize the Dataverse browser page. 

Blog App

The Blog App adds a blog section to your site.

Enabling the Blog App

Before adding any Blog entries, you must first make sure the app is enabled.

1. Click to expand Settings in the Control Panel

2. Click on Apps
3. Search for BLOG.
4. In the drop down menu, click PUBLIC.

Event Registration

Enabling Registration Sign-Ups for an Event

You can allow your site visitors to sign-up for your event by enabling "Signup" when creating your event post. Check out the different setting options when using the Signup feature. Once you check "Signup", the option to allow a site visitor to register for multiple event occurences appears.

Importing Events

To import Events:

  1. Enable Events app.
  2. Click to Expand Site Content
  3. Click to expand Import and select Event
  4. You may only upload a file in an iCal or CSV format only

List of Files Widget

This widget displays and automatically generated list of files from your site. The options are very similar to those found in List of Posts.

Three options to sort your files:

  1. You can select the File Type from all to a particular content type - Images, video, document, etc. * Lists that display only images and videos are special and will include a thumbnail of these items.

  2. You can control how much of that information you want to showcase in Display Style.

Booklet Display Options

Book Table of Contents

The Book Table of Contents widget will display the Table of Contents for a Booklet, listing all the Book Pages it contains in a numbered list.

Book Table of Contents Widget Example

The "Student Handbook" widget is shown below.

Embed Media Widget

The Embed Media Widget displays embedded rich media such as files, images, videos, links and more. You can select media from your computer, select media saved in your library, embed HTML code, or select media from an external source.

Create an Embed Media Widget

To add an embed media widget:

Software App

The Software app will enable you to post and manage information about software development projects that you have been involved with.

Enabling the Software App

Before adding any Software, you must first make sure the app is enabled.

Reader (RSS Feed) App

The Reader app gives you the ability to have dynamic RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds on your site.

What is a Feed?

A feed is a web technology that pulls in rapidly or frequently updating information from a web source. The information is often displayed as dynamically changing list. A common type of content used in web feeds are news headlines. New headlines are constantly being created, so this content really lends itself to being displayed as a feed.

Publications App

The Publications app lets you post and manage your publications in a structured way.

Enabling the Publications App

Before adding any Publications, you must first make sure the app is enabled.