Displaying Content with the Taxonomy Widget

This Taxonomy widget will display a list of taxonomy terms that you have added to your site's vocabularies. You can use this functionality to group pieces of content into smaller, more specific categories. In order to use the taxonomy widget you must first create a taxonomy vocabulary to use with your widget. You can learn more on the taxonomy vocabulary page

Creating a Taxonomy Widget 

In this example, we'll create a taxonomy widget to see how to filter people profiles by their research areas. The taxonomy vocabulary used in this example had previously been created.

1.  Using the larger gear on your page, opt to edit the layout of current page.
Edit page

2.  Once on the Layout of your site, Add a new widget called Taxonomy.

3.  Name the widget and select a vocabulary that you have created. In this example, the vocabulary is called "Research Areas".

4.  Drag and drop the widget to the the desired position within your layout.



5.  Click "save" at the bottom of the page. 
6. View results.



Updated: 17Feb16