Website Headers and Footers

Website visitors typically expect to find certain kinds of information in the header and footer of a website. Below are suggestions to ensure that your website follows established best practices for the web, while aligning with the Harvard visual identity.


Site Header

The site title assures website visitors that they have landed on the correct website. Most often, the site title will be the name of your department, but it could also be the name of an individual, project, or event, depending on the type of site.

For consistency across Harvard websites, Central Administration and FAS departments should only use text in this field, and not include a Harvard Veritas shield with their department name. The Veritas shield should always appear next to the words “Harvard University,” as detailed in Harvard’s Style Guidelines and Best Practices.  

When using a featured theme, the Veritas shield and “Harvard University” will automatically appear, so there is no need to add an additional shield. Below are examples using the preferred method for FAS and Central Administration departments. 

economics header

oap header



Site Footer

The department name and contact information should be included in the footer of the website, since visitors often expect to find this information here. For FAS and Central Administration departments, the full signature extension with the Veritas shield should also be used to reinforce the Harvard University identity.

economics footer

oap footer

To receive a signature extension for your FAS or Central Administration office, department, or unit, please contact

Updated: 30Nov15