Your Site after leaving Harvard

Your OpenScholar site will still be available for you to use after you leave Harvard University.

Before You Leave Harvard 

To ensure that you can receive the reset password email, your email account information must be up to date. Please update your Account information BEFORE your Harvard email expires. Please contact your school's IT department or Harvard Alumni Help Desk to obtain a Harvard alumni email address.

I've already left Harvard, my email is no longer active - I'm locked out!

You are locked out becuase your email address has become inactive. Please follow these steps to get access to your site:

  1. Obtain a Harvard Alumni email via Harvard Alumni Help Desk (you can also use a personal email, like gmail)
  2. Email the HUIT Service Desk alerting them to this issue, providing your site url, and the new email you'd like to be associated with your site

The HUIT Service Desk will work with Harvard Web Publishing's OpenScholar team to get you access to you site. 

Important Notes About Inactive Sites

If your site becomes inactive (meaning that it hasn't been updated during a certain timeframe), we will contact you verifying that you are still interested in keeping the website or if we should remove it from our Platform.

To ensure we can reach you, please be sure to update your Account information so that it contains a current email address, like a Harvard alumni email address PRIOR to leaving Harvard. Please contact your school's IT department or Harvard Alumni Help Desk to obtain a Harvard alumni email address.

If you do not have a site prior to leaving Harvard, you will be unable to obtain one.


Updated: 24May17

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