Page Settings

To make changes to Page settings, you must select the configuration gear (the large grey gear) and click the Edit link.
NOTE: Site Owners & Administrators can see all fields below. Content Editors can see just some of the options. Basic Members do not have access to the configuration gear.

Blog App

The Blog App adds a blog section to your site.

Enabling the Blog App

Before adding any Blog entries, you must first make sure the app is enabled.

1. Click to expand Settings in the Control Panel

2. Click on Apps
3. Search for BLOG.
4. In the drop down menu, click PUBLIC.

Publications Settings

The Publications App provides settings which allow you to customize the bibliographic format, display options and more for the default Publications section.

To edit your Publications settings go to your Control Panel. Under Settings, select App Settings and then Publications.

Importing Events

To import Events:

  1. Enable Events app.
  2. Click to Expand Site Content
  3. Click to expand Import and select Event
  4. You may only upload a file in an iCal or CSV format only

Software App

The Software app will enable you to post and manage information about software development projects that you have been involved with.

Enabling the Software App

Before adding any Software, you must first make sure the app is enabled.

Reader (RSS Feed) App

The Reader app gives you the ability to have dynamic RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds on your site.

What is a Feed?

A feed is a web technology that pulls in rapidly or frequently updating information from a web source. The information is often displayed as dynamically changing list. A common type of content used in web feeds are news headlines. New headlines are constantly being created, so this content really lends itself to being displayed as a feed.

Publications App

The Publications app lets you post and manage your publications in a structured way.

Enabling the Publications App

Before adding any Publications, you must first make sure the app is enabled.

News App

The News app will enable you to post and manage news that you would like to publish on your site. Examples of News items might be recent developments in projects that you're affiliated with, awards, course-related updates, a new book or article releases, press mentions, etc. The News app, like other apps, can be set as private or public giving you control over how and to whom content is displayed.